Services for business activities in China

General Business Advice
In daily operational business in China, for a foreign expert, no matter how long he/she works in this environment, it is important to have a reliable source for a third opinion or advice. This does not mean that this person is incapable, such advice gives the person a chance to look at things from a different angle with the view of people who have experienced similar situations before. Thus, giving the person a chance to have a better picture of decision making.
Company Formation

We handle the legal registration of your company at all necessary government departments and prepare the required documentation.
For the process, we provide information on investment locations, available office and factory space, availability and cost of labor, suppliers, infrastructure.
With the clients’ authorization, we can open bank accounts, obtain relevant chops, set up the accounts structure for reporting on a Chinese ERP system, prepare reports for HQ etc.

HR Service
For all HR fields we have a service solution which we are happy to discuss with you.
Location Identification/Evaluation
For the investor who is looking for a suitable location for his/her china factory, it is necessary to obtain reliable information about the suitability for his project. We provide important information about investment locations in Tianjin, incl. infrastructure, labor force, land prices, rent, available factory space etc.
Interim Management
In case of sudden loss of top management staff, we can help you to find an emergency short-term solution. We are working with a pool of experienced China experts in various industries, who will be able to bridge short-term situations.
Backup Service for HR and Finance Functions
If you have your own operation with a new team which was just set up you may consider a long-term backup function by Germa-tech just to keep an emergency support ready in case of a critical situation. Eg. an unexpected increase of workload, the pregnancy of a staff, sudden leaving of a key person etc.
Revision Services
An occasional third-party checkup of procedures in all departments, whether they are up to date, complete, are being implemented correctly can reveal many opportunities for improvements and indications of risks which may easily be avoided.
Business License Modification
During years of business operations, many changes may come up such as address change, change of ownership, change of Business scope etc. This needs to be addressed in time. We are happy to evaluate the need, propose options and handle this for you or support you with this.
Accounting Services, Audit Support, Accounting Training-Service and Financial Backup Support
We can do your accounting in-house or depending on your type of business at your location. Such service can be the full accounting and reporting work, only checking or a backup support for emergency situations.
Payroll Service
In many cases, it makes sense to outsource the payroll job. Eg. Avoid the risk of internal information leaking if the job is done internally, avoid the risk of sudden loss of control if the responsible person leaves the company etc. therefore such service provided externally can be a useful alternative. As a backup support, such a service is a solution to give you more security in case of internal complications.
Executive Search / Personnel Search
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Legal Consultation and support (in cooperation with Law Firms)
For legal issues, it is important to choose a law firm with the ideal background for your case. Depending on the case we can help you to find the suitable law firm and analyze the case together in order to reach the best result at the lowest cost.
Logistic Services
Logistics issues must be handled according to local requirements and can cause terrible delay and additional costs if they are not handled correctly. We can help to explain or handle the logistics work for you.
Seminar and Conference Organization Overseas and In China
We can help you to organize and handle seminars and conferences in China and Germany. Let us know your requirements and we can discuss. Click here to find out more.
Sales Support, Incl. Sales Network Development, Evaluation Of Sales Agents
Building up your sales network is a priority for your business success. We can discuss with you how to proceed and we can help you to get results.
Individual Registration Services Such As Visa Issues, Residence Permit, Public Security Registration
Even though this sounds simple, you need to do this and make sure to have your permit in time and complete, otherwise, you may need to pay fines or you might have to leave the country suddenly. We can help you to get this part organized for you.
Cultural Training
It is most important for an expatriate staff to be well prepared with a starting knowledge of Chinese business culture and habits before starting his/ her engagement in China. We provide such training in short seminars with presentations in Europe and China.
Serviced office solution
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